Kallio-Lehti: Jazz in Malmitalo

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“In the end of November Malmitalo hosted The Great Helsinki Swing Big Band, who played their final concert of a series with the music of Wes Montgomery as theme. The soloist was guitarist Tuomo J Autio, Local boy of Kallio, Helsinki. His solos represent the best of electric guitar; and it is somewhat unusual to have a guitarist as soloist of a big band. Wes Montgomery may be called a pioneer in this respect.

With technical skill and beautiful handling of his instrument, Tuomo proved that also an electric instrument sounds pleasing. The reputation of the electric guitar as a “pure” instrument has been “tarnished” by rockers with their enormous volumes and tortured sounds, but that’s show biz…

Besame Mucho, a latin tune now heard as a jazz waltz, was a pleasant idea, and as if tailor-made for Tuomo."