Groovy Moments & Melodies

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The concert features music with great swing and root-like rhythm. The programme has been influenced by Wes Montgomery, who in the 60’s originated a genre while playing soloist for big bands.

The Great Helsinki Swing Big Band features some of Finland’s most acknowledged and skilful musicians. The theme concerts of the band have been exceptional events in Helsinki jazz scene.

The programme includes compositions by Burt Bacharach, Lennon-McCartney, Jagger-Richards, and Rauno Lehtinen. Orchestral arrangements of Rauno Lehtinen’s compositions have been made for the soloist by Pentti Lasanen, one of his closest colleagues of long standing, and a member of the orchestra. Other arrangements by Mika Mylläri and Heikki (Mike) Koskinen. Conductor Antti Rissanen.

Comments from the audience:

Leader of TeliaSonera culture club

“Thanks again for a great concert. Truly professional touch and insane swing…”
Kari Äikäs, lecturer of classical guitar at Sibelius Academy / guitar artist

“…Encore! When is the record due? P.S. Where did you leave the beret?”
Seppo Laine, Advertising Agency Corona, Lahti

“Really fine blues in minor key”
Tomi Päiväläinen, Jazz eminency

”Fantastic gig!”
Markku Puranen

”Great concert! Fabulous guitar playing in the spirit of Wes Montgomery! The programme was packed with compositional masterpieces, of which the arrangers had successfully shaped a fine framework for Tuomo’s solo play. A thoroughly enjoyable evening!”
Jukkis Uotila: Jazz musician/Professor of Jazz music at Sibelius Academy

Pentti Lasanen on Tuomo J Autio:

Tuomo J Autio’s energetic style stands out in the melancholy Finnish jazz scene. His rhythmically root-like and swinging sound has been inspired by Wes Montgomery, a pioneer as soloist of big bands.
Autio’s play reflects his own subtle elegance. According to Pentti Lasanen, Autio’s energetic and rhythmical style is unique in Finland.

- In the whole world only a few master this genre. Playing jazz with guitar is technically and musically demanding, but Tuomo knows his instrument. He has a clear vision and a credible style that reaches the audience


Sights and sounds from the concert

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